SE "Cherkasy NDITEKHIM" develops scientific and technical products based on the search and selection of relevant information and its analytical processing and formation on its basis of scientific conclusions, so a clear methodology for such work allows employees to perform research quickly and efficiently.

Professionals of Cherkasy NDITEKHIM have developed our own methodology, which we want to share with any scientists and other stakeholders. 

Practical guidelines and explanations on the structure, content and tools for development of different scientific and technical products types, are designed for management decision-making at different levels.

During the development the Methodology, the authors were guided by the Law of Ukraine "On Scientific and Technical Activity", the Law of Ukraine "On Scientific and Technical Information", the Law of Ukraine "On Information", Methodological Provisions on Scientific and Technical Activities Statistics ( reviewed by State Statistics Service of Ukraine in 12.09.2016 № 171), provisions of DSTU 8302: 2015 Information and documentation. Bibliographic reference. General provisions and rules of compilation, DSTU ISO 5127: 2007 Information and documentation. Glossary of terms (ISO 5127: 2001, IDT), DSTU 5034-2008 Information and documentation. Scientific and information activities. Terms and definitions, DK 015-97 Classification of scientific and technical activities, DK 022-2008 Rubricator of scientific and technical information, DSTU 3575-97 Patent research. Basic provisions and procedure, DK 010-98 State classifier of administrative documentation.

Methodology of analytical activities 6 _10-4-2020