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Scientific activity since 1965

Стратегія розвитку хімічної промисловості України

Strategy of development of the chemical industry of Ukraine

Defining strategic priorities for the development of the chemical industry, the implementation of which through the mechanism of public-private partnership will ensure long-term sustainable and effective development of national chemical industry with the aim of of innovation, competitiveness and safety.

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Аналітичні огляди стану хімічної промисловості України

Analytical reviews of the state of the chemical industry of Ukraine

National production and domestic commodity market, foreign economic analysis, investment, financial results, conclusions, forecasts.

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Development of draft normative documents: national standards, other standards, codes of practice and technical conditions of enterprises or organizations.

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Dear collegues,

State Enterprise "Cherkasy Research & Development Institute of Technical and Economic Information in Chemical Industry" (SE "Cherkasy NDITEKHIM") worked selflessly for the economy and industry of the Ukraine, fulfilled export orders, annually conducted about 200 scientific and technical developments in technical, economic, technological, market, safety, environmental, regulatory and other aspects of the functioning of chemical and connected industries, commodity markets and chemical companies.

However, large-scale war actions which Russia launched against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, have stopped scientific, technical and research work of our specialists, as the production activities of big part of Ukrainian chemical enterprises which are our main customers have been ceased. The institute was forced to officially suspend its scientific and technical activities.

40 days of war have passed and specialists of our institute have clear understanding that there is urgent nessessity to resume main activities of industrial sectorin relatively safe regions together with partner companies, thus our applied research and practical services are needed to our customers in this conditions of changes in national, regional and global chemicals trade logistics.

Currently, our institute has the intention to strengthen the characteristics of its scientific and technical activities, to maintain and develop their diversification.  

Currently spheres and activities are the following:

  1. carrying out operational monitoring of the situation in Ukrainian chemical industry (regional, subjective, sectoral, commodity and other ranges) in war and post-war conditions;
  2. providing logistical infosheets to existing companies concerning alternative and competitive imports of raw materials, semi-raw materials, auxiliary materials, including those previously supplied from Russia and Belarus (methanol, synthetic graphite, surfactants, PE, PP, PS, FFR, organic solvents, synthetic rubber, potassium chloride, semi-finished alkyd varnishes, organic solvents, urea-formaldehyde concentrates and resins etc.);
  3. preparation of targeted factual infosheets with verified details about manufacturers of chemical raw materials, semi-raw materials, chemical end-products (on specific requests) in any region or country around the world;
  4. providing professional advice on stewardship of exports of chemical products to any country worldwide (non-tariff regulation), development of standards, technical conditions, safety data sheets for chemical products;
  5. helding of targeted market research of any commodity markets of chemicals or related products (countries, regions, segments);
  6. conducting research on the economic feasibility, sectoral and commodity aspects of the creation of import-substituting production facilities in Ukraine in post-war recovery conditions.

This list is not exhaustive and we are ready within our competence and experience to conduct any other relevant research both for chemical and allied industries, and for companies-consumers of chemical products in other economy sectors.

We have saved and systematized our statistical and information databases. Our professionals have formed databases of profiled researches and developments of recent past years, the vast majority of which now have no restristion on their provision to third parties.

We are ready to provide our scientific and technical developments for affordable price to the national consumers or update them taking into account market changes and urgent information needs of the consumer. Information concerning our developments is available on all sites of the institute: http://www.nditekhim.com.ua/, http://niitehim.ck.ua/, http://niitehimlaz.2mcl.com/, http://reach.ck.ua/.

We are ready to conduct any research within our competence operatively and efficiently and to use our information resources and all our experience and professionalism.

We are tuned up to work constructively and responsibly with national companies of Ukraine and companies around the world. Unambiguous and categorical taboo - to cooperate with companies of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, as well as with all affiliated companies that are legal entities of other countries.


 Sincerely, Director of SE "Cherkasy NDITEKHIM" Kovenya T. V.


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