Due to a significant share of its products in intersectoral consumption, the chemical industry has a decisive influence on the development of industry as whole, construction, agriculture, and the consumer market.

The products of the chemical industry are able to form a competitive technological, price and product basis for many technologically joined and product-related industries and the economy as a whole.

The domestic chemical industry should become a kind of basis for the process of reindustrialization of Ukraine and innovative development of its industry - surely indeed for this purpose the Strategy for the development of the chemical industry for the period up to 2030 was developed.

However, as a result of the Russian military invasion, the chemical industry has suffered some losses, so it is obvious that there is urgent need to develop a set of additional resuscitation measures for the industry and update the current Strategy in the light of new circumstances.

Strategy for the development of the chemical industry till 2030 - from 08.10.2019